Kilang ‘Rubber Band’

I always have a dream of writing about my interesting job. Driving around visiting busnessmans places and factories. Luckily i drove into an interesting ‘rubber band’ factory. Its a restricted factory but with my special duty, I was permitted to inspect every inch of this Malaysia Book of Record award winning company.

Here is the man ‘towkay’ behind the rubber band factory. Those rubber band is a 1st class rubber band unlike what we have in our local retail market. The special strength and elasticity rubber bands are meant for export while the lousy and cheap rubber bands are for local use. It has been always the same case with other Malaysian products. To this ‘towkay’ his real threat is Thailand rubber band where rubber bands imported in masses. However, thats is not a matter as this company has secured contracts for exporting rubber bands to European countries as well as US market. They have been exporting since 20 years ago. What a profitable business on top of the tricks and its old technology, they still survive.

Its all started with this raw rubber. Then they process and turned into a pipe like rubber.

With this over 20 years old machine, a rubber tube is cut into a known rubber band. Color added during the process of turning raw rubber into a rubber tube.

Thats the end of the process, packaging. Having 10 Bangladeshis will ensure this factory moving. The ‘towkay’ is happy that in Malaysia theres no one can beat him in  turning rubber granules into a rubber band. A small elastic thing that makes our life a little easier.


7 Responses to Kilang ‘Rubber Band’

  1. Tim says:

    Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^

  2. Kou says:

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    tell me more about this, please.


  3. Noma iguisi says:

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  5. Rosdi Mohd says:

    hello , where this rubber band factory ? Do you have factory contact number ?

  6. doni says:

    hello, how the price for one sack of rubber

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