The Impotence of the Husband

20070590829_impotentBagaimanakah keadaan suami yang ‘impotent’ dan hak-hak wanita yang berhadapan dengan suami yang ‘impotent’.

(Jangan salah tafsir, mungkin ada yang salah baca menjadi “Bagaimanakah keadaan suami yang penting dan hak-hak wanita yang berhadapan dengan suami yang penting.)

Lihatlah bagaimana Islam menegakkan keadilan dan mengutamakan wanita sehingga isteri yang tidak mendapat kepuasan pun ada pembelaan. Wahhhh….!!!

Aku baca buku dan letak kat sini supaya boleh menjadi rujukan dan melihat bagaimana Islam itu ‘syumul’. Boleh menyelesaikan masalah2 yang rumit pun. Setiap masalah ada jalan penyelesaiannya dalam Islam.


It is not surprising that the husband of a woman, inspite of looking outwardly robust and healthy may not be capable of gratifying her sexual urge, In case of a man being incompetent to discharge the duties of a husband to gratify the natural urge of the wife, should ordinarily release her from the marriage tie. But if he is not willing to do it, she can get rid of him, by dissolution of the contract through the agency of the Qadhi in council, if she is so pleased.

All that she has to do is to go to the court and file a suit against the husband, appealing to the law for justice. The Qadhi will issue a notice to the husband and enquire thoroughly into the matter. If the man is proved to be imoptent, the Qadhi will allow him one year’s time for remedial measure against his incompetence. In case he is successfully regaining his manly vigour and getting over the temporary incapacity, so far so good, otherwise he will separate them under the law. Said bin Mosaiyyib says in this connection:

Any one who marries a woman and is incapable of coition with her, he will be given one year’s time after which if he can approach her successfully, so much the better, otherwise they will be separated” – Muwatta’ Imam Malik Vol II, pg 32.

Imam Malik asked Ibn Shahab whether the time given to an impotent person for his treatment is to be counted from the date of his marriage or from the day the suit being filed against him. Ibn Shahab replied:

From the date of hearing of the case by the court.” – (Muwatta’ Masaffa, Vol II, pg 33.

Anyway this is how a woman can get rid of her impotent husband and can marry again under the Islamic Law.

Excerpt from: Mufti Zafeeruddin Miftahi, 1997. Modesty and Chastity in Islam. Publisher S. Abdul Majid and Co. Kuala Lumpur.


7 Responses to The Impotence of the Husband

  1. aida says:

    kesian tgk gambar tu… apa yang boleh i buat ek?

  2. arjuna says:

    uhhhhh… tengok gambar pun kesian?

  3. kay63 says:

    tu la yang akan jadi bila ‘impotence husband’ kena tinggal…sian dia ekk..

  4. arjuna says:

    ditinggal tak pe… asalkan jangan meninggal dahlerr…

  5. aida says:

    kalau Tuhan nak ambil dua2 sekali pun x per…. sakit dah bro !!!

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  7. Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological world everything is presented on web?

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